Best Experience Quad Bike Tours Bali / Bali ATV RIDE Tour

Playing quad bike in Bali with is one of the recommendations to accompany our vacations with family or loved ones. Because the Quad Bike Bali experience leaves a very special impression that connoisseurs find difficult to forget. Additionally, the outdoor location and blending with open nature makes everyone feel calmer and different. Here are some comments on what the Quad Bike Bali experience is like for those of you who want to enjoy it with your family or loved ones.

We need to know that there are two different places where you can play Bali ATV with your family.The first one is in Gianyar area where this location is close to Ubud area. Likewise the second site which is located in Tabanan near the Tanah Lot area. These two places have different challenges but it is very safe to pass them with your family. The challenges in each of these locations can be adjusted according to the skills and atmosphere we want to feel.

The place to play Quad Bike Bali in Gianyar which is close to Ubud area means you will ride through hills and rivers so it is very suitable for exploring as it has such a beautiful natural landscape has.In this place, there are different fields to traverse, such as paddy fields, caves, small rivers and even hills. In this place you will usually first go through flat terrain, then the next field will be greeted with fairly steep hills and forests and rivers. At this point we can also see the beauty of a small waterfall with flowing clear water.

The next field is a cave long enough to test our adrenaline levels as the environment is dark and path is not easy.Eventually we pass forests, paddy fields and hills that can be considered quite steep but are still safe for us.

The closest place to play Quad Bike Bali is Tanah Lot Tabanan. This place passes by the beach and rice fields, so you are more likely to drive on flat roads. We can say that this place is quite relaxing, not too physically demanding as the streets are very quiet, it’s different from the first place. But the landscape itself is no less interesting, because in addition to crossing the Pentai, we will also pass through hills, rivers and even waterfalls. What’s even more interesting isthat in this place we can enjoy how the sun sets when it sets, so it is very suitable as a place to take photos.

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Playing Quad Bike Bali in Tanah Lot Labanan area is perfect for you. who want to be adventurous but don’t want to push themselves too hard. For those of you who are interested in playing Quad Bali to have so much fun, there are some tips that need to be kept in mind. Among other things, how to choose a place that corresponds to the destinations desired by the members of the family, so that everyone can enjoy it comfortably. Also wear clothes that can get wet, because we play with nature.

Make sure something safe is installed, like children’s helmets and other safety precautions. Also prepare a repellent spray for mosquito or insect bites, so that our skin can be protected from the bites of these animal species. Finally, don’t forget to bring a waterproof phone case that can be hung, especially for those of us who like to capture the excitement of travel.